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Top 5 Qualities to Look for in Healthcare Professionals for Your Dubai Hospital
Top 5 Qualities to Look for in Healthcare Professionals for Your Dubai Hospital

Top 5 Qualities to Look for in Healthcare Professionals for Your Dubai Hospital

A hospital in Dubai no doubt raises the patients’ expectations to new heights. The hospital has to fulfil those and look to surpass them. It can happen only when you have good healthcare professionals on your team.

These health professionals are the backbone of any hospital. Therefore, it is mandatory to understand the qualities of a good healthcare professional. The healthcare profession carries several responsibilities owing to its noble cause.

Evaluating the qualities of a good healthcare professional may seem daunting while managing other tasks. However, this article will help you narrow down the most eligible health professionals for your Dubai hospital. The blog lists the top 5 qualities of health professionals that will help you identify the correct one.


1. Good Listening Skills

A healthcare professional must always be attentive to the patient’s complaints. It helps the professional understand the problem in detail. Modern management stresses the importance of outstanding listening skills.

An attentive listener boosts the patients’ confidence, elevating their willingness to share more details. A healthcare professional with good listening skills also precisely follows instructions from superiors.

Good listening skills involve actively listening to the other person with concentration without breaking the speaker’s flow.

Good listening skills


2. Outstanding Communication Skills

One of the many qualities of a healthcare professional is outstanding communication skills. Effective and friendly communication helps to soothe patients and lower their anxiety.

The healthcare professional must be able to fine-tune with every patient. It encourages them to share all the details concerning their illnesses.

Good communication skills also help to build a good rapport with patients, colleagues, and other stakeholders, keeping the environment full of positivity. It gives everyone a sense of value, security, support, and good vibes.

Outstanding communication skills


3. Compassionate And High Emotional Intelligence

Being compassionate or empathetic are mandatory qualities of a good healthcare professional. This empathy motivates a healthcare professional to serve injured or ailing patients. 

High emotional intelligence helps the healthcare professional remain calm and control emotions during specific situations. It also helps to remain stable under pressure during emergencies. 

Love and kindness towards others are what make a good healthcare professional. It also helps develop strong relationships and faith between health professionals and patients. So whenever the patients are in pain or distress, they look to the healthcare professional for help.

Compassionate and High Emotional Intelligence


4. Physical And Mental Fitness

A healthcare professional’s job is tiring and exhaustive. Several times, the working hours exceed. A healthcare job is critical as it involves dealing with people’s lives. A micro error may result in losing a life. 

A healthcare professional’s job also involves lifting or displacing heavy objects or assisting patients. A healthcare professional must keep calm while listening to patients’ woes. However irritating that may be, the healthcare professional has to pay attention, assuring them of their recovery.

The healthcare professional job also involves visiting and checking on all patients. At the same time, it’s a long walk within the hospital, automatically helping the healthcare professional keep fit.

Therefore, physical and mental fitness are of utmost importance, which adds to the qualities of a good healthcare professional.

Physical and Mental Fitness


5. Consistent Learners

Technology’s rapid speed compels us to change all the conventional methodologies in any segment. The same applies to healthcare services. 

A healthcare professional must be an all-time learner. Adapting to the latest processes and embracing new technologies is one of the best qualities of a healthcare professional. An ideal healthcare professional must ride all the waves of change that come periodically and emerge as a champion.

A healthcare professional must always look for new skills or search for and acquire them. This attitude of learning new skills and keeping up with current trends ultimately helps elevate service standards to new heights.

Consistent learners



The inception of Dubai Healthcare City in 2002 has helped establish several healthcare services in the city. Being a free economic zone and aiming to attract medical tourists, it has been a safe job haven for several healthcare professionals.

As per a report in the Khaleej Times, Dubai is hiring 33,000 healthcare professionals from various categories. 

As per Colliers, Dubai will fall short of 6,000 physicians and 11,000 nurses by 2030.

Going by the math, there are fewer healthcare professionals than required. Hence, it is no doubt a challenge to pick the appropriate candidates with the qualities of a good healthcare professional. 

Finding the correct healthcare professional is crucial when global patients visit your hospital. It inadvertently warrants a world-class service. And only a perfect healthcare professional can provide these kinds of services.

We hope the information in this article suffices to search for a suitable healthcare professional. Other additional qualities of a healthcare professional you look for are:

  1. Eye to details
  2. Professionalism
  3. Creative problem-solving skills
  4. Multi-tasking skills
  5. Adaptability and Flexibility, etc.


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