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Why Is Choosing The Right Healthcare Recruitment Agency In The UAE Crucial For Your Institution?
healthcare recruitment agency in UAE

Why Is Choosing The Right Healthcare Recruitment Agency In The UAE Crucial For Your Institution?

Since the foundation of the UAE in 1971, the healthcare industry has witnessed sharp growth in the sector. By 2025, almost 16,000 healthcare professionals and specialty doctors will be required in the UAE. 

The healthcare sector in the UAE has emerged as one of the fastest-growing markets worldwide. With the increasing public demand for quality healthcare coupled with several significant initiatives by the UAE government, the nation already has a well-established world-class healthcare system.

The UAE government has taken and continues to undertake numerous initiatives to expand and upgrade the healthcare system to develop a robust world-class healthcare infrastructure. As a result, the UAE healthcare market is expected to grow at 10% CAGR between 2019 and 2023.

The demand for qualified and skilled healthcare professionals is increasing. Hence, healthcare institutions leave no stone unturned to discover and hire the right talented candidate for the job. But recruitment is a long and tedious task. Therefore, sometimes medical organizations require the expert knowledge of healthcare recruitment agencies who are well-settled in the hiring business and know exactly where to find the right fit per institutions’ needs.


Choose The Right Healthcare Recruitment Company In The UAE

While the world is reeling under the impact of Covid-19, the healthcare industry is grappling with workforce shortages. On the one hand, the healthcare industry’s demand is increasing continuously, whereas, on the other hand, institutions are dealing with the lack of skilled professionals. 

Healthcare institutions often deal with the shortage of skilled professionals, and medical recruiters help them find the right one.

Let’s understand how healthcare recruitment companies in the UAE assist medical institutions in hiring the right talent and how crucial their role is.

Key Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Healthcare Recruitment Agency


Recruitment Experience

Experience speaks for itself and having an experienced healthcare recruitment agency will broaden an institution’s horizon further. In addition, if the recruitment agency has the required expertise and experience, healthcare institutions can gain access to their already established talent pool of professionals.


Overseas Hiring

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to find the right talent in the home country, and healthcare institutions are left with no choice but to hire medical professionals from other countries. Therefore, before choosing any healthcare recruitment agency, it is always advised to check their overseas hiring track records. 


Services and Specialization

Though several recruitment agencies in the market offer numerous services, only finding the right one for the healthcare institutions can help in the way forward.

Look for a recruitment company that can offer specialized services per the organization’s need, and will only be able to sustain in the long run.

Like sometimes the institutions need vacancies to be filled urgently. In such a scenario, a well-established recruitment agency will be able to act upon the situation and provide a suitable match. 


How Hiring A Recruitment Agency Can Benefit The Healthcare Institution


Access Pool Of  Talented Professionals

Healthcare recruitment agencies have a pool of talented and qualified professionals, which any healthcare institution can gain access to anytime, anywhere.


Pre-verified Professionals

The healthcare industry relies on its workforce during an emergency. Since hiring is a lengthy process, healthcare institutions prefer candidates with pre-verified credentials to cut down the usual time-to-hire. And healthcare recruiters come in handy at a time since they already have a vast pool of verified candidates.


Flexible Recruitment Solutions

Partnering with healthcare recruiters offers stability and greater flexibility in hiring decisions. With the help of an agency, healthcare institutions can help fill various job positions as and when they need.


Reducing Administrative Burden

Hospitals are bustling places, where it is sometimes challenging to manage patient inflow with administrative tasks. 

Healthcare institutions need workforce strength to perform various day-to-day tasks. Since hiring is a time-consuming process, hiring an experienced healthcare recruitment agency can reduce this massive burden. 

Apart from assisting institutions with a pool of skilled candidates, healthcare recruitment agencies can streamline the hiring process, reducing the administrative hassle.


Emergency Support

Healthcare emergencies are a reality, and no one can predict when the sector will be hit hard. However, to prepare for any crisis, a healthcare institution must strengthen its workforce. Therefore, healthcare recruitment agencies assist organizations with round-the-clock support in times of emergency by hiring professionals.


healthcare recruitment agency in UAE

These are crucial requirements that institutions must consider before partnering with a medical recruitment agency. With the continuous expansion of the healthcare sector, healthcare recruitment company in the UAE have also witnessed growth over time.

If your healthcare institution is searching for its partner for growth, then look no further than Fast Track Solutions.

Fast Track Solutions is one of the leading healthcare recruitment company in the UAE, providing recruitment solutions across the UAE and GCC. 

With a dedicated team of experts who source qualified and trained healthcare professionals, Fast Track Solutions aims to develop a strong workforce in every healthcare institution in the UAE. 

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