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Tag: Healthcare Digital Marketing

Tag: Healthcare Digital Marketing

Why Is Healthcare Digital Marketing Essential, And How Can It Boost Your Business In The UAE?

“Noble profession needs noble ways to market” – Mohammed Ilias.


Healthcare is a noble profession yet a demanding industry, consistently outpacing all other sectors.


The UAE healthcare market has witnessed stupendous growth over the years. Technological innovation, government policies, and digital marketing have contributed to the development of the healthcare market in the UAE. As per an analysis, the UAE healthcare market will grow at a CAGR of around 10% from 2019 to 2023.


A search engine is a popular platform for people to find what they are looking for, and undoubtedly Google has positioned itself well despite fierce competition, and it won’t be wrong to say that it has a monopoly over all others.


According to Google Health Vice President David Feinberg, MD, about 7% of all daily Google searches are health-related, along with over 70,000 search queries every minute.


In the 21st century, if businesses are not utilising the power of digital marketing to market their products and services, they are losing out on a much bigger crowd. 


How Can Healthcare Digital Marketing Boost Your Business?


Healthcare Digital Marketing

Promoting healthcare-related products or services through digital platforms is referred to as healthcare digital marketing. With the advent of the digital world, marketers can make real-time campaigns to their online campaigns. As a result, digital marketing is a lucrative option for marketers to promote healthcare services.

Healthcare Digital Marketing

How Can It Boost Your Business In The UAE?

Healthcare digital marketing plays a crucial role in assisting medical organisations or professionals in building a community while effectively communicating and providing value to their target audience.


Let’s understand the potential of healthcare digital marketing and how effective it is for businesses.


Build Trust With Brand Consistency

Digital marketing lets healthcare businesses practice brand consistency and communicate messages in sync with brand values while maintaining uniformity in terms of colour palette and visual elements, which eventually builds more trust among the target audience.

Creating a powerful presence and establishing a trusted brand name is a continuous process that demands consistency and planning.


Communicate Effectively With Patients

Communication is the key, and social media is a proven tactic to disseminate information or any new updates about the products or services. Social media is also an effective medium to communicate with patients anytime instantly.


Reach Wider Patient Base

Digital marketing lets organisations take their business to a global audience base as it helps find new markets to trade in globally with broader reach. 

For example, numerous patients consider travelling internationally on medical grounds to seek advice from a reputed health expert. Earlier, this was possible with offline word-of-mouth recommendations, an effective and trusted method. However, the transformation from offline to online word-of-mouth suggestions and digital marketing campaigns have enabled businesses to reach more patients simultaneously.


Nurture Leads With Personalised Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most valuable and cost-effective marketing conversion tactic by digital marketers.

According to a study, personalised emails are six times more likely to drive conversion, whereas the average open rate for healthcare emails is above 23%, with an impressive click-through rate (CTR) of 3.62%.


Digital marketing for the healthcare industry has the potential to draw better results and should be a part of the brand’s overall marketing strategy. And if you are still wondering how to build a significant authority online, then Fast Track Solutions is where your search ends. 


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