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Month: June 2022

Month: June 2022

How Does The Growth Of Medical Tourism In The UAE Open Up New Avenues For Healthcare Institutions And Professionals?

Medical tourism can be considered a kind of import: instead of the product coming to the consumer, as it does with cars or sneakers, the consumer is going to the product.

-James Surowiecki


Medical Tourism In The UAE

When nationals of one country travel to another country on the grounds of medical treatment, it is known as medical tourism.


The UAE healthcare sector has witnessed stupendous growth over the past decade and continues to emerge as one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world.


In 2018, the UAE’s medical tourism industry grew with an annual growth rate of 5.5% and generated AED 12.1 billion (USD 3.29 billion). Additionally, the country registered a rise of 4% in health tourism and witnessed around 350,118 visitors in 2019. Ranked sixth globally for its top medical facilities, technological innovation and many other factors have led to its growth.


Government initiatives and ultra-modern infrastructure have also led to the rapid growth of medical tourism and are successfully attracting patients to the UAE.

How Medical Tourism Benefits Healthcare Institutions & Professionals

From helping bring visitors from other countries on medical grounds to boosting the hospitality sector, medical tourism contributes to the economy in more ways than one.

Medical tourism directly benefits healthcare institutions and professionals. How? Let’s find out.


Medical Tourism In The UAE

Opportunities For Healthcare Institutions

A good reputation draws patients from another country towards a hospital in another. Several factors such as hospital accreditation, world-class healthcare facilities, adequate staff, hospital records, positive sentiment and word of mouth help bring more patients to a hospital seeking expert guidance. 



  • Boosts Hospital’s Reputation & Profitability

Hospitals’ good reputation is necessary for them to attract more and more international patients. Hence, when citizens of other countries seek medical treatment in a particular healthcare institution, it helps boost their reputation and improves their profitability further.


  • Good Infrastructure

A good infrastructure is a key to promoting the well-being of patients and delivering enhanced care. Therefore, as patient flow increases, so does the need for hospitals to maintain and continuously upgrade their infrastructure. 

With technological advancement, healthcare institutions incorporate the latest technologies into their infrastructure to better cater to the growing demands of patients from other countries seeking better medical treatment. Since it is a lucrative source of earning for institutions, they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to provide the best facility to foreign citizens. 


  • Tech-Savvy Workforce

A sufficient, qualified, and talented workforce is paramount to the healthcare sector. Therefore, the hospitals must make their staff tech-savvy to deliver better patient care.

Since healthcare staff are the ones who have to work on the ground, elevating their levels of familiarity with technology could help in enhancing workplace efficiencies and creating more skilled workers. 

With a tech-friendly workforce to handle, the influx and retention of national and international patients will effectively position the hospital despite stiff competition.


Opportunities For Healthcare Professionals

A sufficient workforce of qualified and talented professionals is the backbone of the global healthcare sector, and medical tourism helps provide them with more opportunities. 




  • Better Work Prospects

When international patients come for treatments, it also opens up more work opportunities for healthcare professionals. With the influx of foreign patients, demand for expert professionals also increases.


  • Additional Opportunities To Earn

Specific medical experts are not associated full-time with healthcare institutions and serve as consultants. Hence, unlocking more earning prospects for medical experts.


  • Recruitment Drive

As medical tourism adds more to the economic stability of a country, healthcare institutions end up hiring more professionals to meet the growing demand. 

When the existing workforce can’t fulfill the demand, healthcare institutions hire full-time or on-demand professionals to help manage the additional workload. 

Medical Tourism In The UAE


Medical tourism indeed creates more job opportunities in the market. From healthcare institutions looking for qualified professionals to fulfill the increasing demand to opening doors for medical experts to gain financially, medical tourism is an integral part of healthcare, which is rapidly growing.


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