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Tag: healthcare workforce

Culturally Competent And Diverse Healthcare Workforce Leading The Charge In The UAE

“A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.” — Sundar Pichai.

That’s what a diverse workforce is capable of.

And in the healthcare industry, this becomes far more important, where every second is critical. 

A diverse healthcare workforce comprises individuals coming in from different backgrounds, cultures and countries, bringing new perspectives and skills to the table, eventually helping raise the bar of patient care and outcomes.


UAE already has a large, diverse healthcare workforce of local and expatriate medical professionals. Already home to physicians and nurses from India, Pakistan, Egypt, and the Philippines, among other countries, UAE has been utilising and welcoming these talented individuals from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds to build a better healthcare system.

With 200 nationalities, the UAE is known to be the most culturally diverse society, and the government is continuously promoting the inclusion of healthcare professionals from different backgrounds.

The UAE is continuously working towards creating a workplace environment where diverse perspectives are embraced and valued equally.

Skill and talents from across the globe continuously look towards UAE’s healthcare system as its potential career destination.

Here’s a list of benefits the diverse workforce have to offer to the UAE’s healthcare system.


Better Communication With Culturally Competent Workplace

Since patients come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, communication can be a big problem. However, hiring a diverse 

workforce can help remove the language barrier between them.

The linguistic ability a diverse workforce brings to the table makes it easier for patients to communicate with their healthcare providers without any hindrance and understand their treatment. 


Improved Patient Outcomes With Varied Perspective

Different professionals have different ways of thinking, perspective and problem-solving ability. Hence, having a diverse workforce can add more well-rounded solutions to a healthcare institution. 

Several studies have also indicated that when healthcare providers from similar cultural backgrounds treat patients, the outcomes are positive and encouraging. 

diversity in healthcare workforce


Enhanced Medical Diagnosis & Clinical Outcomes With Diverse Approach

As mentioned already, a diverse workforce brings a unique perspective to any healthcare facility, which can be beneficial in improving clinical outcomes. 

Unique perspectives and knowledge offer a more comprehensive understanding of patients’ different health-related concerns, leading to effective treatments and eventually improving the healthcare system.

diversity in healthcare workforce


Greater Innovation & Adaptability With Diverse Team Collaboration

An inclusive healthcare facility environment fosters innovation, creativity, and empathy.

A diverse workforce brings new perspectives and ideas, leading to greater innovation. Since a diverse workforce comes from varied backgrounds and different healthcare systems, they are equipped to handle challenges better and are more adaptable.

diversity in healthcare workforce



The UAE’s dynamic and excellent state-of-the-art healthcare system has always been driven by a diverse workforce catering to the needs of patients from all backgrounds.

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