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Fast Track Solutions: A Decade Of Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry

In the last decade, the healthcare industry has undergone significant changes, with technological advancements and changing demographics driving the need for more efficient and effective recruitment solutions. Fast Track Solutions, a top recruitment company in the UAE, has been at the forefront of this revolution, using innovative solutions to transform the healthcare recruitment industry. 

Introduction To Fast Track Solutions

Founded in 2013 Fast Track Solutions set out with a mission to revolutionize the healthcare recruitment industry by enhancing staffing solutions in the healthcare industry of UAE and GCC. Providing consultancy services in the recruitment and career counseling for medical professionals as well, Fast Track Solutions aim to enhance the healthcare sector’s efficiency and quality by hiring specialists and placing them at suitable positions within the healthcare industry.

Introduction To Fast Track Solutions


The Success Of Fast Track Solutions

  • One of the key ways that Fast Track Solutions has revolutionized the healthcare recruitment industry is by leveraging technology to streamline the hiring process. The company uses sophisticated software and data analytics to identify and match the best candidates with the right jobs. This has made the recruitment process more efficient and effective, reducing the time and cost associated with hiring.

The Success Of Fast Track Solutions - revolutionized the healthcare recruitment industry


  • Over the past decade, Fastrack Solutions has also developed a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, allowing it to provide tailored recruitment services that meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations. The company has a vast network of qualified healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, which allows it to provide a comprehensive range of staffing solutions to its clients.

qualified healthcare professionals


  • Fast Track has helped hundreds of doctors to work in the UAE by providing them with end to end licensing assistance. Medical professionals who are seeking to practice in the city of Dubai or anywhere in the UAE are required to acquire a license to practice from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the Ministry of Health (MOH), or the Department Of Health (DOH). With its 5 step licensing assistance, Fast Track makes their dream a reality by helping them in acquiring the license. 

End to end licensing assistance


  • Another key factor in Fastrack Solutions’ success has been its commitment to flexibility. The company provides both temporary and permanent staffing solutions, allowing healthcare organizations to quickly respond to changing staffing needs. This has helped many healthcare organizations to maintain high levels of patient care and reduce the risk of burnout among their staff.

temporary and permanent staffing solutions


  • In addition to its innovative recruitment solutions, Fastrack Solutions has also been committed to providing high-quality training and development opportunities for its staff. The company has developed a range of training programs that are designed to help its staff stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices. This has helped Fastrack Solutions to maintain a competitive edge in the industry and provide the best possible service to its clients.

high-quality training and development opportunities



Road To Success

One of the most significant ways that Fastrack Solutions has revolutionized the healthcare recruitment industry is by embracing diversity. The company has a diverse workforce, with staff from a range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This diversity has helped Fastrack Solutions to better understand the needs of its clients and provide tailored recruitment solutions that meet their specific requirements. 



Fastrack Solutions has established itself as a leading healthcare recruitment company in the UAE, thanks to its innovative solutions, deep industry expertise, and commitment to diversity. The company has helped many healthcare organizations to find the right talent for their needs, while also helping healthcare professionals to find rewarding and fulfilling careers in the industry.

Looking to the future, it is clear that the healthcare recruitment industry will continue to evolve rapidly. Advances in technology, shifting demographics, and changing regulatory environments will all play a role in shaping the industry over the coming years. 

In a well-positioned way to meet these challenges, thanks to its commitment to innovation, flexibility, and diversity, the company is constantly exploring new ways to use technology to improve the recruitment process, and is working closely with its clients to develop tailored solutions that meet their unique needs.

Fastrack Solutions has been a key player in the transformation of the healthcare recruitment industry in the UAE over the past decade. Its commitment to innovation, flexibility, and diversity has helped it to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible service to its clients. To know more about Fast Track Solutions Visit:

How Is Technology Assisting Healthcare Institutions In The UAE To Bridge Their Staffing Gap?

In the 21st century, healthcare technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives and continues to strengthen the present healthcare ecosystem.

Technology has been instrumental in paving the way for innovation and is a significant force to reckon with in the healthcare sector. The United Arab Emirates has come a long way since its inception, and technology has played a crucial role in its continuous growth and expansion. 

According to a report, the UAE’s healthcare market will grow at a CAGR of around 10% between 2019 to 2023.

Let’s understand how technology assists healthcare institutions in the UAE in bridging their staffing gap.


Remote Operation

Technologies have been a blessing in disguise, helping healthcare institutions in the UAE with the freedom to operate remotely. Healthcare institutions can now accomplish several recruitment tasks remotely that earlier needed physical intervention.

Finding Talented Professionals

The talent acquisition process is a vast and complex process. Digital technologies have been catering to the rising demand of the healthcare sector by matching the right professional with the right hospital and its requirements. Healthcare institutions in the UAE have a high demand for talented professionals to do the job, and AI-powered technology has only made the job much easier. 

Onboard New Professionals

Incorporating innovative tech solutions have been helping healthcare institutions in scaling their recruitment efforts, and onboarding is a crucial process that hospitals can’t ignore. With paperless work and more inclination toward virtual introduction, onboarding a healthcare professional has become more transparent and accessible with technology.

Speed Up The Recruitment Process

One of the most prominent features of technology in healthcare is that it has made hiring faster and more efficient. Healthcare recruitment, which used to be a lot more time-consuming due to manual processes, is now quicker and hassle-free, thanks to technology.

From screening candidates with face-to-face interviews to adapting the combination of telephonic and google meet rounds, technology continues to shape the future of the UAE healthcare recruitment sector.

Save Time & Money

Time and money are something every healthcare institution looks to save big on. Due to the sector’s dynamic nature, healthcare institutions are always anticipated to run on busy schedules, with high costs involved, especially during any health emergency. 

The cost increases with time, and the AI-driven hiring platform offers a smooth process to healthcare institutions by discovering and screening potential candidates within minutes—investing in new software rollouts can enhance the entire recruitment ecosystem more efficiently in a much lesser time. The UAE looks to harness modern technologies to reduce time and costs.


Automation Of Administrative Tasks

Automation is the biggest asset of healthcare recruitment and has undoubtedly made hiring more convenient and hassle-free. 

The integration of newer technology in healthcare has positively impacted the sector, lifting a massive burden of administrative work, such as tracking employees’ attendance, while making it much more streamlined.


“With great power comes great responsibility,” the healthcare sector has an enormous responsibility toward society as it relies on talented medical professionals to fill the gap within the system.

The United Arab Emirates has an excellent state-of-the-art healthcare system. Patient-driven and focused entirely on catering to their needs, the UAE has been a beacon of excellence for unifying technologies and always promoting innovation in the healthcare system.

And Fast Track Solutions, a leading healthcare staffing agency, has been providing recruitment solutions across the UAE and GCC. 

With a dedicated team of experts, FTS has integrated the latest technologies in providing recruitment solutions to healthcare institutions in the UAE. 

Sourcing top-quality candidates from across the world, Fast Track Solutions aims to develop a strong workforce in every healthcare institution in the UAE. 

If you are a healthcare institution looking to hire talented professionals to do the job, then Fast Track Solutions is your best bet.

Connect with us today, and solve all your staffing gaps.

How Does The Growth Of Medical Tourism In The UAE Open Up New Avenues For Healthcare Institutions And Professionals?

Medical tourism can be considered a kind of import: instead of the product coming to the consumer, as it does with cars or sneakers, the consumer is going to the product.

-James Surowiecki


Medical Tourism In The UAE

When nationals of one country travel to another country on the grounds of medical treatment, it is known as medical tourism.


The UAE healthcare sector has witnessed stupendous growth over the past decade and continues to emerge as one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world.


In 2018, the UAE’s medical tourism industry grew with an annual growth rate of 5.5% and generated AED 12.1 billion (USD 3.29 billion). Additionally, the country registered a rise of 4% in health tourism and witnessed around 350,118 visitors in 2019. Ranked sixth globally for its top medical facilities, technological innovation and many other factors have led to its growth.


Government initiatives and ultra-modern infrastructure have also led to the rapid growth of medical tourism and are successfully attracting patients to the UAE.

How Medical Tourism Benefits Healthcare Institutions & Professionals

From helping bring visitors from other countries on medical grounds to boosting the hospitality sector, medical tourism contributes to the economy in more ways than one.

Medical tourism directly benefits healthcare institutions and professionals. How? Let’s find out.


Medical Tourism In The UAE

Opportunities For Healthcare Institutions

A good reputation draws patients from another country towards a hospital in another. Several factors such as hospital accreditation, world-class healthcare facilities, adequate staff, hospital records, positive sentiment and word of mouth help bring more patients to a hospital seeking expert guidance. 



  • Boosts Hospital’s Reputation & Profitability

Hospitals’ good reputation is necessary for them to attract more and more international patients. Hence, when citizens of other countries seek medical treatment in a particular healthcare institution, it helps boost their reputation and improves their profitability further.


  • Good Infrastructure

A good infrastructure is a key to promoting the well-being of patients and delivering enhanced care. Therefore, as patient flow increases, so does the need for hospitals to maintain and continuously upgrade their infrastructure. 

With technological advancement, healthcare institutions incorporate the latest technologies into their infrastructure to better cater to the growing demands of patients from other countries seeking better medical treatment. Since it is a lucrative source of earning for institutions, they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to provide the best facility to foreign citizens. 


  • Tech-Savvy Workforce

A sufficient, qualified, and talented workforce is paramount to the healthcare sector. Therefore, the hospitals must make their staff tech-savvy to deliver better patient care.

Since healthcare staff are the ones who have to work on the ground, elevating their levels of familiarity with technology could help in enhancing workplace efficiencies and creating more skilled workers. 

With a tech-friendly workforce to handle, the influx and retention of national and international patients will effectively position the hospital despite stiff competition.


Opportunities For Healthcare Professionals

A sufficient workforce of qualified and talented professionals is the backbone of the global healthcare sector, and medical tourism helps provide them with more opportunities. 




  • Better Work Prospects

When international patients come for treatments, it also opens up more work opportunities for healthcare professionals. With the influx of foreign patients, demand for expert professionals also increases.


  • Additional Opportunities To Earn

Specific medical experts are not associated full-time with healthcare institutions and serve as consultants. Hence, unlocking more earning prospects for medical experts.


  • Recruitment Drive

As medical tourism adds more to the economic stability of a country, healthcare institutions end up hiring more professionals to meet the growing demand. 

When the existing workforce can’t fulfill the demand, healthcare institutions hire full-time or on-demand professionals to help manage the additional workload. 

Medical Tourism In The UAE


Medical tourism indeed creates more job opportunities in the market. From healthcare institutions looking for qualified professionals to fulfill the increasing demand to opening doors for medical experts to gain financially, medical tourism is an integral part of healthcare, which is rapidly growing.


Whether you are a healthcare institution looking to hire more qualified professionals for the job or a healthcare professional looking for better job opportunities in the UAE, Fast Track Solutions can help you find just what you need.


Our long-standing association with healthcare institutions has helped us build a stable and long-term workforce for them in the UAE and GCC.


With a dedicated team of recruitment experts, Fast Track Solutions is fulfilling the workforce shortage requirement of institutions and helping medical professionals find better job opportunities amid the growing demand for medical tourism.


Get in touch with us now and fulfill your requirement.

How Can Healthcare Institutions In The UAE Attract And Recruit Top Talent For Specialized Roles?

The healthcare sector in the UAE has witnessed stupendous growth over the past decade. Due to technological advancements in the industry, the country is on the path to becoming a global technology hub for healthcare and is predicted to grow to USD 182 billion by 2035.


The healthcare industry in the UAE is one of the rapidly evolving markets and has been ranked sixth worldwide for its top medical facilities. In addition, the UAE’s medical tourism industry generated USD 3.29 billion in 2018, with an annual growth rate of 5.5%.


As per the current growth charts, the UAE market seeks top talent for specialized roles to fulfill the growing needs of the healthcare industry.

But, What Is Specialization In The Healthcare Sector?

Healthcare specialization means focusing on a specific niche and becoming an expert in a particular subject, enabling more efficient and higher quality care.


Recruiting Top Talent For Specialized Roles

As the healthcare industry evolves in the UAE, the demand for specialized professionals continues to increase amid the growing demand for quality care.


Let’s understand how medical institutions can attract and hire healthcare specialists in the UAE.


Effective Job Posting

The first step in the medical recruitment process is the job openings and the position you are looking to hire. The job opening must have details of the roles and responsibilities to reach the right professional. A clear and concise job posting resonates with specialized candidates and filters out unqualified candidates at the beginning only.


Campus Hiring

Healthcare is a complex subject where students invest years in their studies for the desired outcome and work as a specialist in the foreseeable future. Campus hiring connects you with numerous talented students at the grassroots level and gives you an edge over your competitors. Healthcare institutions in the UAE can focus on organizing job fairs at colleges and university campuses while attracting young talents. Since young students are yet to step into the professional world, they are more eager to do so. The opportunities based on their educational qualifications may seem lucrative to get started with their career.


Attractive Compensation

Perhaps the most critical aspect of any job is compensation. An excellent salary package not only helps in retaining the top talent but also assists in attracting a highly qualified professional for the job. Highlighting an attractive compensation multiplies significantly and converting the job opening into a potential hire. When 


Showcase Benefits

Apart from salary, job benefits are another major factor why a healthcare specialist would want to work with you. Unfortunately, healthcare institutions often neglect this part and fail to highlight it. When we talk about benefits, it doesn’t just mean monetary; it also includes addressing the issues of burnout and workplace stress while providing them with an opportunity for professional development.


Hire Recruitment Agency

Seeking professional services from an expert healthcare recruitment agency in the UAE is the best way to move forward if you don’t know where to recruit top industry talent. Healthcare recruitment agencies already have an existing pool of talented professionals at your disposal and help you connect with expert specialists in no time.


Talent Sourcing

Another great way to attract and recruit top talent is diversifying your sourcing channels. For example, your institutions can utilize employee referral programs, job boards, sourcing software, and social media to find healthcare specialists. Also, recruiting an existing professional fit for the new job opening could be another great way to find the specialist you are looking for.

Healthcare recruitment agency in the uae


The UAE healthcare sector is growing at lightning speed. Therefore, medical institutions must prepare well to meet the growing demand for quality health services, to which medical tourism also gives momentum.


If your healthcare institutions don’t know where to begin hiring professionals for specialized roles, then Fast Track Solutions is the best healthcare recruitment agency in the UAE to rely on.


Our laser-targeted recruitment process caters to healthcare institutions’ hiring needs and delivers them just what they need.  

With rich experience serving the healthcare market, we have consistently delivered the best to all the medical organizations in the UAE & GCC region and continue to do so. 


Apart from recruiting for the healthcare leadership roles, we ace in placing niche specialties and have filled vacancies for super-specialized doctors like pediatric neurologists, medical oncologists, hematologist-oncologist, interventional radiologists, IVF experts, spine specialists, radiologists (MSK), foetal medicine, etc.


So, what are you waiting for? 

We have the expertise backed by years of experience to fulfill all your healthcare recruitment needs.


Learn more and connect with us today.

How To Get A Verified And Trained Nurse In The UAE For Your Healthcare Institution?

According to a report by Alpen Capital, Dubai will require an additional 8,800 nurses by 2025.

In the past few years, the healthcare industry has witnessed the digital transformation and has dealt with medical emergencies such as Covid.


The healthcare sector of the UAE continues to expand to meet the population’s needs, and the coronavirus pandemic has only strengthened the commitment towards quality healthcare.

The nurses have been the pillar of strength for hospitals who were trying to manage the patient load and give the right care to the patients. In such a scenario, hiring more and more nurses for such unforeseen situations looks like the way forward for healthcare institutions. 


Let’s have a comprehensive look at how a healthcare institution can hire them seamlessly. 

Verified and trained nurse in the UAE

Hire Verified Nurses In The UAE

To enhance patient care, healthcare institutions in the UAE always look for talented nurses who can fit in the organization and deliver their best to improve patient outcomes.

Let’s understand how healthcare institutions can find a verified and trained nurse in the UAE.


Healthcare Recruitment Agency

Perhaps the best way to hire a qualified nurse is through a healthcare recruitment agency. An experienced recruitment agency already has all the resources to find the right talent for the healthcare institution.

Healthcare institutions can gain access to the already established talent pool of agencies and hire as and when required. 

For example, healthcare recruitment agencies such as Fast Track Solutions provide recruitment solutions across the UAE and GCC. 


Register With Medical Job Portals

Institutions can register with healthcare job portals where professionals looking for a job change or an opportunity are always active. These sites help reduce the gap between healthcare employers and professionals while connecting them on a common platform.


Online Recruitment Advertisement

Online ads are a new way to grow your business and find what you are looking for. For example, healthcare institutions can run job advertisements online through platforms such as Google and Facebook, reach as many potential audiences, and generate leads from people willing to apply for the nurse position. 


Social Networking Sites

The 21st century is all about social networks, where most people spend their time. As a healthcare institution, you can use the online visibility of your platforms to post regarding any new jobs, such as nursing in the UAE.

As long as you have the right audience on your profile and have excellent brand recognition, your post will quickly grab attention.


Utilize Data Of Previous Health Workers/Nurses

Healthcare institutions often have the data of those who have worked with them in the past, permanent and locums.

Therefore, when a healthcare institution wants to hire a nurse for a permanent position, they can always connect with locums, willing to work with them permanently. 

Also, healthcare institutions can connect with nurses who have worked full-time with them in the past.

The process reduces time and assists healthcare institutions in filling the vacancy faster. Hence, attracting verified candidates who have worked with the healthcare institution earlier in a professional capacity.


Hire Nurses From Overseas

The gap between the supply and demand of nurses is enormous in the UAE. Since the demand for nurses is high across the UAE, healthcare institutions find it helpful to look beyond the domestic region to explore and source candidates from abroad.


These are just ways healthcare institutions can incorporate to find verified and trained nurse in the UAE. Most of these take a lot of time, money, and effort. Seeing the critical nature of the healthcare industry, it is advisable to look for a sustainable solution which is quick and apt. 



If you are looking for such a solution, then Fast Track Solutions is the friend and guide you need.


At Fast Track Solutions, we are committed to finding quality candidates with a strong work ethic, have a credible and proven track record in finding the right match for our clients.


We are a team of experienced professionals with expertise in hiring registered and trained nurse in the UAE and GCC region.

We understand how to fast track your needs. Reach out today. To know more, visit our website.

Why Is Choosing The Right Healthcare Recruitment Agency In The UAE Crucial For Your Institution?

Since the foundation of the UAE in 1971, the healthcare industry has witnessed sharp growth in the sector. By 2025, almost 16,000 healthcare professionals and specialty doctors will be required in the UAE. 

The healthcare sector in the UAE has emerged as one of the fastest-growing markets worldwide. With the increasing public demand for quality healthcare coupled with several significant initiatives by the UAE government, the nation already has a well-established world-class healthcare system.

The UAE government has taken and continues to undertake numerous initiatives to expand and upgrade the healthcare system to develop a robust world-class healthcare infrastructure. As a result, the UAE healthcare market is expected to grow at 10% CAGR between 2019 and 2023.

The demand for qualified and skilled healthcare professionals is increasing. Hence, healthcare institutions leave no stone unturned to discover and hire the right talented candidate for the job. But recruitment is a long and tedious task. Therefore, sometimes medical organizations require the expert knowledge of healthcare recruitment agencies who are well-settled in the hiring business and know exactly where to find the right fit per institutions’ needs.


Choose The Right Healthcare Recruitment Company In The UAE

While the world is reeling under the impact of Covid-19, the healthcare industry is grappling with workforce shortages. On the one hand, the healthcare industry’s demand is increasing continuously, whereas, on the other hand, institutions are dealing with the lack of skilled professionals. 

Healthcare institutions often deal with the shortage of skilled professionals, and medical recruiters help them find the right one.

Let’s understand how healthcare recruitment companies in the UAE assist medical institutions in hiring the right talent and how crucial their role is.

Key Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Healthcare Recruitment Agency


Recruitment Experience

Experience speaks for itself and having an experienced healthcare recruitment agency will broaden an institution’s horizon further. In addition, if the recruitment agency has the required expertise and experience, healthcare institutions can gain access to their already established talent pool of professionals.


Overseas Hiring

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to find the right talent in the home country, and healthcare institutions are left with no choice but to hire medical professionals from other countries. Therefore, before choosing any healthcare recruitment agency, it is always advised to check their overseas hiring track records. 


Services and Specialization

Though several recruitment agencies in the market offer numerous services, only finding the right one for the healthcare institutions can help in the way forward.

Look for a recruitment company that can offer specialized services per the organization’s need, and will only be able to sustain in the long run.

Like sometimes the institutions need vacancies to be filled urgently. In such a scenario, a well-established recruitment agency will be able to act upon the situation and provide a suitable match. 


How Hiring A Recruitment Agency Can Benefit The Healthcare Institution


Access Pool Of  Talented Professionals

Healthcare recruitment agencies have a pool of talented and qualified professionals, which any healthcare institution can gain access to anytime, anywhere.


Pre-verified Professionals

The healthcare industry relies on its workforce during an emergency. Since hiring is a lengthy process, healthcare institutions prefer candidates with pre-verified credentials to cut down the usual time-to-hire. And healthcare recruiters come in handy at a time since they already have a vast pool of verified candidates.


Flexible Recruitment Solutions

Partnering with healthcare recruiters offers stability and greater flexibility in hiring decisions. With the help of an agency, healthcare institutions can help fill various job positions as and when they need.


Reducing Administrative Burden

Hospitals are bustling places, where it is sometimes challenging to manage patient inflow with administrative tasks. 

Healthcare institutions need workforce strength to perform various day-to-day tasks. Since hiring is a time-consuming process, hiring an experienced healthcare recruitment agency can reduce this massive burden. 

Apart from assisting institutions with a pool of skilled candidates, healthcare recruitment agencies can streamline the hiring process, reducing the administrative hassle.


Emergency Support

Healthcare emergencies are a reality, and no one can predict when the sector will be hit hard. However, to prepare for any crisis, a healthcare institution must strengthen its workforce. Therefore, healthcare recruitment agencies assist organizations with round-the-clock support in times of emergency by hiring professionals.


healthcare recruitment agency in UAE

These are crucial requirements that institutions must consider before partnering with a medical recruitment agency. With the continuous expansion of the healthcare sector, healthcare recruitment company in the UAE have also witnessed growth over time.

If your healthcare institution is searching for its partner for growth, then look no further than Fast Track Solutions.

Fast Track Solutions is one of the leading healthcare recruitment company in the UAE, providing recruitment solutions across the UAE and GCC. 

With a dedicated team of experts who source qualified and trained healthcare professionals, Fast Track Solutions aims to develop a strong workforce in every healthcare institution in the UAE. 

Reach out today and solve all your staffing gaps. To know more visit our website.

Why Dubai Is A Favourable Place To Work For Healthcare Professionals

Dubai continues to gain popularity as a versatile destination, the rapid expansion and transformation of the healthcare sector have pushed the already growing market further. Dubai is a growing hub for various healthcare giants. The high-tech medical infrastructure and services offered by Dubai have made it a preferred destination for healthcare companies.