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Tag: healthcare institutions in the UAE

Tag: healthcare institutions in the UAE

How Can Healthcare Institutions In The UAE Attract And Recruit Top Talent For Specialized Roles?

The healthcare sector in the UAE has witnessed stupendous growth over the past decade. Due to technological advancements in the industry, the country is on the path to becoming a global technology hub for healthcare and is predicted to grow to USD 182 billion by 2035.


The healthcare industry in the UAE is one of the rapidly evolving markets and has been ranked sixth worldwide for its top medical facilities. In addition, the UAE’s medical tourism industry generated USD 3.29 billion in 2018, with an annual growth rate of 5.5%.


As per the current growth charts, the UAE market seeks top talent for specialized roles to fulfill the growing needs of the healthcare industry.

But, What Is Specialization In The Healthcare Sector?

Healthcare specialization means focusing on a specific niche and becoming an expert in a particular subject, enabling more efficient and higher quality care.


Recruiting Top Talent For Specialized Roles

As the healthcare industry evolves in the UAE, the demand for specialized professionals continues to increase amid the growing demand for quality care.


Let’s understand how medical institutions can attract and hire healthcare specialists in the UAE.


Effective Job Posting

The first step in the medical recruitment process is the job openings and the position you are looking to hire. The job opening must have details of the roles and responsibilities to reach the right professional. A clear and concise job posting resonates with specialized candidates and filters out unqualified candidates at the beginning only. There are numbers of job posting in Saudi Arabia as well.


Campus Hiring

Healthcare is a complex subject where students invest years in their studies for the desired outcome and work as a specialist in the foreseeable future. Campus hiring connects you with numerous talented students at the grassroots level and gives you an edge over your competitors. Healthcare institutions in the UAE can focus on organizing job fairs at colleges and university campuses while attracting young talents. Since young students are yet to step into the professional world, they are more eager to do so. The opportunities based on their educational qualifications may seem lucrative to get started with their career.


Attractive Compensation

Perhaps the most critical aspect of any job is compensation. An excellent salary package not only helps in retaining the top talent but also assists in attracting a highly qualified professional for the job. Highlighting an attractive compensation multiplies significantly and converting the job opening into a potential hire. When 


Showcase Benefits

Apart from salary, job benefits are another major factor why a healthcare specialist would want to work with you. Unfortunately, healthcare institutions often neglect this part and fail to highlight it. When we talk about benefits, it doesn’t just mean monetary; it also includes addressing the issues of burnout and workplace stress while providing them with an opportunity for professional development.


Hire Recruitment Agency

Seeking professional services from an expert healthcare recruitment agency in the UAE is the best way to move forward if you don’t know where to recruit top industry talent. Healthcare recruitment agencies already have an existing pool of talented professionals at your disposal and help you connect with expert specialists in no time.


Talent Sourcing

Another great way to attract and recruit top talent is diversifying your sourcing channels. For example, your institutions can utilize employee referral programs, job boards, sourcing software, and social media to find healthcare specialists. Also, recruiting an existing professional fit for the new job opening could be another great way to find the specialist you are looking for.

Healthcare recruitment agency in the uae


The UAE healthcare sector is growing at lightning speed. Therefore, medical institutions must prepare well to meet the growing demand for quality health services, to which medical tourism also gives momentum.


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