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Tag: nurse in uae

Tag: nurse in uae

How To Get A Verified And Trained Nurse In The UAE For Your Healthcare Institution?

According to a report by Alpen Capital, Dubai will require an additional 8,800 nurses by 2025.

In the past few years, the healthcare industry has witnessed the digital transformation and has dealt with medical emergencies such as Covid.


The healthcare sector of the UAE continues to expand to meet the population’s needs, and the coronavirus pandemic has only strengthened the commitment towards quality healthcare.

The nurses have been the pillar of strength for hospitals who were trying to manage the patient load and give the right care to the patients. In such a scenario, hiring more and more nurses for such unforeseen situations looks like the way forward for healthcare institutions. 


Let’s have a comprehensive look at how a healthcare institution can hire them seamlessly. 

Verified and trained nurse in the UAE

Hire Verified Nurses In The UAE

To enhance patient care, healthcare institutions in the UAE always look for talented nurses who can fit in the organization and deliver their best to improve patient outcomes.

Let’s understand how healthcare institutions can find a verified and trained nurse in the UAE.


Healthcare Recruitment Agency

Perhaps the best way to hire a qualified nurse is through a healthcare recruitment agency. An experienced recruitment agency already has all the resources to find the right talent for the healthcare institution.

Healthcare institutions can gain access to the already established talent pool of agencies and hire as and when required. 

For example, healthcare recruitment agencies such as Fast Track Solutions provide recruitment solutions across the UAE and GCC. 


Register With Medical Job Portals

Institutions can register with healthcare job portals where professionals looking for a job change or an opportunity are always active. These sites help reduce the gap between healthcare employers and professionals while connecting them on a common platform.


Online Recruitment Advertisement

Online ads are a new way to grow your business and find what you are looking for. For example, healthcare institutions can run job advertisements online through platforms such as Google and Facebook, reach as many potential audiences, and generate leads from people willing to apply for the nurse position. 


Social Networking Sites

The 21st century is all about social networks, where most people spend their time. As a healthcare institution, you can use the online visibility of your platforms to post regarding any new jobs, such as nursing in the UAE.

As long as you have the right audience on your profile and have excellent brand recognition, your post will quickly grab attention.


Utilize Data Of Previous Health Workers/Nurses

Healthcare institutions often have the data of those who have worked with them in the past, permanent and locums.

Therefore, when a healthcare institution wants to hire a nurse for a permanent position, they can always connect with locums, willing to work with them permanently. 

Also, healthcare institutions can connect with nurses who have worked full-time with them in the past.

The process reduces time and assists healthcare institutions in filling the vacancy faster. Hence, attracting verified candidates who have worked with the healthcare institution earlier in a professional capacity.


Hire Nurses From Overseas

The gap between the supply and demand of nurses is enormous in the UAE. Since the demand for nurses is high across the UAE, healthcare institutions find it helpful to look beyond the domestic region to explore and source candidates from abroad.


These are just ways healthcare institutions can incorporate to find verified and trained nurse in the UAE. Most of these take a lot of time, money, and effort. Seeing the critical nature of the healthcare industry, it is advisable to look for a sustainable solution which is quick and apt. 



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